This Tang in a Bag offering comes from farms in the Benguet province. It comes at a higher cost, since our source pays 74% more per pound to local farmers than the Fair Trade price. It has a beautiful hint of calamansi—refreshing, tangy, & smooth as iced coffee.

Flavor Notes:

  • Medium Roast – Calamansi, Vanilla, Chocolate

This is a one-time offering for this bean due to the high sourcing cost.

  • Unique Beans – Grown in the Philippines. Fully washed Coffea liberica from the Benguet province.
  • Community Support – Every 1 pound sold provides $5 to a community organization in the Philippines.
  • Filipino-Owned – We strive to incorporate as many Filipino-owned businesses and entrepreneur throughout the the supply chain.
  • 1/3 pound (160 grams) – Good for about 10 strong cups of coffee
  • 1 pound (454 grams) – Good for about 30 strong cups of coffee