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Filipino Coffee Beans

All beans grown & roasted in the Philippines.

Every bag you purchase from Kuya Coffee is tied to a community organization in the Philippines. With every purchase of 1 pound of coffee, we will send $5 to one of our partner organizations.

Launched in September 2020, this is our first attempt at incorporating a Social Impact model to consumer packaged goods from the Philippines. Our profit margins are low right now because of the high cost of shipping beans from the Philippines, but we’re prioritizing our advocacy mission. We would love your feedback!

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Partner Organizations

We’re pursuing a social enterprise model to simultaneously support community advocacy organizations in the Philippines. Outside of coffee, our founder has been active with nonprofits and grassroots organizations throughout the years. There’s a great need for financial sustainability and programming that is not grant-dependent. This is our attempt at supporting the good work of community organizations.

Our first two partner organizations are:

  • Peoples’ Solidarity & Education Tours (PSET) – PSET challenges the norm of liesure tourism in the Philippines through guest conscientization, advocacy, and capacity development. They partner with community organizations to provide visitors a more immersive and authentic experience of the Philippines—one rooted in advocacy, awareness, and local socioeconomic realities.
  • Nothing 2 Lose (N2L) – N2L produces local leaders through sports scholarships, leadership training, medical missions, and community economic development. Their main region of focus is in Romblon & Bacolod City in the Philippines.
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Just getting into coffee? Here are some basic coffee-making tools. Purchasing through our affiliate links also supports our programming. Salamat!

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“It’s really good! It smelt really strong, but it was actually very subtle in the blueberry/earthy tones.”

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